Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy, Busy

This is what we do for torture around here! At least that is what it looks like. We were actually tickling him and he was cracking up!
This was at the wedding that I was in a last weekend. This little girl, Lannie just thought Rece was the greatest! She just wanted to dance and dance.

And if you would like to check up on Rece's little brother or sister you can go to "Praying This One Sticks" The website will eventually be in the sidebar when I get a chance to update everything.

Happy Anniversary Vicky and Rob!


Queen Bug said...

Rece, I had no idea "Praying This One Sticks" was your mommy!! She's a great mommy. You look way too cute dancing, I bet you'll know all the moves, and soon you'll be able to teach your little brother or sister.

holli said...

Wait - I'm so confused.. I must now go check out "praying this one on sticks" just to figure out the name!

I LOVE the laughing pic - eek!

holli said...

okay - i read that as "praying this one ON sticks" - DUH. I had to come back to report that my brain is not functioning. Now I get it.

Rachael said...

Aww, that picture of him dancing is adorable. And it looks like he will be a killer with the ladies. That girl is a cutie and Rece totally has her wrapped around his little finger :)