Tuesday, July 18, 2006

18 Months

Today Rece had his 18 month appointment today. It went pretty well. He is between 50th and 75th percentile for weight and between 25th and 50th percentile for height. He got two shots and did not do great but they are the last two shots until he goes to school!!!
Milestone Questions:
Can he walk up the stairs holding someone's hand? Yes, but he prefers to crawl.
Can he throw a ball? And anything else that comes into contact with his hand.
Does he give kisses when he feels like it? Oh, yes
Does he say 4-10 words on a consistent basis? Uh, no. But he signs that many.
The doctor says that the word thing is fine. They would only start to worry about language if at 2 1/2 he wasn't able to string two words together. But he was glad that he could verbalize and appears to hear fine and he is glad about the sign language, because he said at least it is some way to communicate.
So over all it went well.
I am beginning to notice a pattern. He is going to push every milestone to the point of it being very close to the deadline. The doctor said he has a granddaughter that walked late like Rece and he said she is 6 and very healthy but she just had that attitude like, I don't need to do any of this and she didn't potty train until she was almost 4. I kind of figure this will be the case with Rece. He is in a hurry for nothing. Oh well, I should enjoy a laid back child right?

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Rachael said...

It sounds like Rece is doing well! I always hate when they make you list whether they are on track for milestones. I always feel like Gavin is behind so its hard for me to answer those questions LOL.
Way to go Rece for being able to sign. I need to teach Gavin that. Maybe he'd stop whining? LOL.