Thursday, July 27, 2006

Teething + Growth Spurt =

I am pretty sure that is what is going on. I know he is teething. One of the molars is half way through and another of them is very swollen and maybe a tooth up front too! And the child has been eating everything in sight. He never used to eat a snack during the day or it would mess up his meals, well the last couple of days he has been requesting a snack twice a day. And he has been eating his meals great! His communication has just boomed. It still isn't verbal, but he signs like crazy and it has been so helpful. On occasion now he has even told me when he needs his diaper changed! And the same with walking. At home he pretty much walks everywhere, but there are occasions when he sees something he really wants and gets down and crawls because he knows it is faster. And we are working on walking while holding my hand in public. He still has a tendency to crawl but as soon as I stand him up he is usually good.
And those of you that actually know Rece know just how persistent and stubborn he is right? Well he has added an obsession to the list: the vents in the floors. He is still obsessed with the stereo also, but now he goes and takes a vent out of the floor. I can tell him no 5000 times a day and he just smiles and goes back to the vent. This is driving me and Tony crazy. We have already lost a bath toy to the vent. Now, don't go calling child protective services on me, but I ALMOST hope that he hurts himself just slightly. It isn't anything that could hurt him severely but just a little cut. Or something that scares him. He has walked away with it a couple times before I could get to him and I could just see it dropping on his foot, I don't know that I want that but it may happen anyways. Someday he will learn right. Oh, and the grossest part of all of this is that he will take it out of the floor and then put one of the edges in his mouth!!! That is disgusting!
Well, we will be heading on a little getaway next week for a whole week!!! We are all very excited! We will get to spend a whole week visiting with Annie and Brandon and Averie and Beth and Matt and my sister and her kids!!!


Aunt annie said...

can't wait for you to get here rece!!! uncle brandon and i are very excited to see you and tickle you!

Queen Bug said...

i hope ya'll have fun on your vacation!

good boy at Rece for getting an excellent appetite. If he's signing that his diaper needs changed, does that means he's ready for potty training? Or is it still too early?

Rece Anthony said...

Some kids potty train this early, but he isn't ready. We aren't even going to begin until his sibling is here

Rachael said...

Okay Gavin is obsessed with the vents too. So I just duct taped them to the ground until he lost intrest. Worked wonders.
I hope his molars break through soon so he can get some relief. Poor kid!

Queen Bug said...

I thought about not potty training my daughter until the new baby gets here but I'm afraid she'll get jealous. I've heard quite a few horror stories of children wanting to go back to diapers when the new baby arrives so they can be treated the same. I was hoping to make her forget about diapers before the new one comes. That's probably doubtful. I should go get myself a book and read up.

That's cute that he's obsessed with the vents. Ours are on the ceiling. So she's obessed with ripping our favorite books.

Rece Anthony said...

I am worried that if we start potty training before the baby and we are in the middle of it he will regress in the middle and maybe refuse, so I am just going to wait until things are adjusted.