Monday, June 26, 2006

Fun and games! (with a little sleep mixed in)

Now how sweet is this little boy?!?!?!?
Sitting on the sofa hanging out with daddy when the game begins

And climbing down!

And wanting back up, but not knowing how unless daddy helps!!

Rinse and Repeat!
Do you think he was tired, falling asleep sitting up and all. He is getting another molar, so he is a little more tired!

We went to the park Saturday morning. This was the first time he showed any interest in climbing on the equipment. He loved climbing up the steps and through this tunnel over and over!
This was at our family reunion yesterday. He loves water. And see that skinned nose? That happened while with Grandma T! How dare she ;)
He was telling me all about his overnight visit with Grandma T, including the nice scraped nose!

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holli said...

Apparently Grandma is getting some grief over the skinned nose.. LOL!!! He's way to cute with those chubba legs climbing the couch. I wanna cute his bottom!!

I think you saw my link changed.. it's just I'm not sure if I'm going to leave the other blog up or not.