Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today we hung out with Joey and while Joey's mommy ran out to do an errand, I watched the boys. I put Joey in his swing and Rece decided to help push. It was very cute and he knew just what to do. Joey gets a kick out of Rece, however does not like it when Rece grabs his face!

He has finally decided that he likes sunglasses. It is a great game, he hands them to me, I put them on, he takes them off and repeat!
UPDATE ON WALKING: He takes steps, but they are still very unstable. But, he is getting very brave. He loves walking/diving between me and Tony and sometimes he will just start walking off in some other direction! It is a great time had by all. It is so fun to watch him advance like this. And, now if you say "Walk to mommy" while he is standing at something, he will turn and do it (of course, only when HE is in the mood!)
But on the other hand he has learned that he can crawl and carry things in his mouth. My concerns about walking, however, are now gone. Progress is all I needed to see.

Now to his speaking. It is pretty clear that Rece is in no hurry to do anything, but his speech has seemed to regress. He barely says anything now. He jibber-jabbers all the time, but very few actual words. Now, I have heard that when focus is on one activity, he may lose focus on another, and clearly a lot of focus is being put on walking, but still! Any thoughts from any of the moms or early childhood majors!! ;)

He has been a lot of fun lately, just laughing at everything. Also, lots of frustration goes along with that. LOTS of temper tantrums!

Oh, and he got his first molar! This child I am sure will never do anything "by the books". He now has his 4 top front teeth, his 3 bottom front teeth and a molar. And it is a top molar, which supposedly "most" kids get their bottom first! He was a champ though. He had one fussy day and was a little more tired for a couple of days, but then bam it was through!


Rachael said...

Rece sounds so much like Gavin. Firstly, Gavin greets babies by grabing their faces LOL. I think that is a trait of kids their age or something.
As for the speech. We are right there with you. I try not to worry about Gavin. But I do anyway. And I'll bet because he is working so hard to walk, that it is distracted him from his words. I like to think Gavin is distracted because of the new brother. Iguess time will tell for both boys eh?
Gavin had the exact same pattern for teeth. He had 4 on top, 3 on bottom, and then got a molar then all 4 molars. He now has one more tooth to go before he is done until 2 (which is 3 months away lol).

Averie Jean said...

I totally think Rece is just working on the walking and standing thing. Averie hasn't said a new word in a while...they say that they don't forget the things they's just when they learn them, they put them "away" and move on. I think that is just what he is doing! Especially if he is jargoning still. No worries! :o)

Queen Bug said...

i have to tell you, you have one absolutely adorable son!