Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yummy Fries!!! with vinegar!!!!!!! Mommy's boy.

Kisses for Grandma T!

This is how he watched the fireworks. He did great, not once jumping or becoming alarmed. And these are some LOUD fireworks! He got distracted occasionally, but watched the whole show. He is such a people person, he loved being downtown!
Also over the weekend he turned 18 months!!! He still isn't walking but he definitely is working on it. He takes 5 steps or so and then dives to whoever he is walking to.

We also celebrated our 1 year blogging anniversary. We started blogging a year ago on July 4!!


Aunt Annie said...

i love that curly hair!!!

holli said...

I know - his hair... there's so much of it all of a sudden!! I love the striped outfit - so cute!!

That's great that he didn't get scared. I didn't take Faith since it was raining, but I wondered if it would scare her or not.