Tuesday, May 30, 2006


This weekend we went to visit Averie! Boy was it hot out! We went shopping with the mommies while the daddies did hard manual labor!! We had lots of fun playing. Of course I ruined it by grabbing her face. She wanted nothing to do with me after that! :) I can't believe I get to see her next weekend too! Her mommy is babysitting me while mommy goes out!

This was one of Averie's new kittens. I was trying very hard to be gentle!

I tried so hard to climb up, but I never did quite make it!*************************************************************************

I went swimming in Grandma's big pool yesterday but mommy forgot to take her camera. Silly mommy! This was today in my little pool. This is how I preferred to play in the water. I love splashing.

My Great Escape!!


Averie Jean said...

ooooo! I am jealous! I want a little pool too! I have been interested in splashing in my big pool, but from the side. I haven't been in yet. Still a little too cold. But clearing up! That is good! I can't wait to see you again, Rece!

holli said...

Such cute pics of both of them.. of course - when Rece and Averie are so cute, what do you expect???

Babies in bucket hats are sooooo cute!!

Rachael said...

Awww, he looks so cute with that little kitty. We are getting Gavi a kitten as soon as he is ready to leave his mom.
Our weather was really warm for awhile, then it got really cold again. Hopefully it will be warm enough to take Gavi swimming soon.

Jenny said...

Great pictures!

Either he's very gentle for a toddler or that kitten has had zero experience with kids.