Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rece has been a little under the weather and he loves just hanging out with me on the couch especially when he is tired or sick! I love that. And he is getting pretty good about getting off the couch without divebombing!

He was just laughing up a storm here. It almost looks like he is standing, but don't worry he isn't! He is just up on his knees.

Rockin' out with the boom box!

This is his new way of crawling! You think this is one step closer to walking? He only does this outside but it is pretty funny.


Ok this is totally unrelated to any of the above. I don't usually use this blog as a place to put my views or for anything me related. Well, this is Rece related I guess.
Why does everyone think that their way to parent is the perfect and only way to parent??? This has been driving me nuts lately. I know everyone thinks that they are making the right decisions for their children, so do I, but people act like they are 100% certain of what they are doing. Why?? There is no proven method, not to mention every parent and child is different. I don't know any other child like mine. And I don't know why other people think that they might know better than I do about raising my child. Why are there constant debates?? Do what is right for you. Obviously everyone is going to have their own views about certain issues, but why can't you have your own views but also accept that that isn't the only view? I used to be like this before I had kids...I know, like someone without kids has room to judge. But ever since having Rece I have been very open minded to other peoples ways. Maybe it is because I have changed my mind a few times or maybe it is because I see my friends' kids and see that they are so different from Rece and each other. Who knows, but I am glad that I don't feel the need to judge. Again, I am not saying that I am totally judge free, because I do sometimes say oh, I would never do that, but I never say Why would you do that to your child? Some issues that I speak of...
Breastfeeding..and if you do, do you do if for more than a year? Yes
Co-sleeping? No
Crying it out? Yes, I used this method for Rece and I will for my other children. And he is still a very happy, healthy, well-adjusted child. He still is a mama's boy and loves his hugs and kisses. I do not believe I damaged him in any way.
Pacifiers? In general I would rather not use them, but I did for 5 months with Rece. This shows that it depends on the child.
Natural birth vs. medicated? Natural-waterbirth hopefully next time.
hypnobirthing...we used this and some people thought we were nuts.
cloth diapering vs. disposables? Now cloth and love them. I said I would never use cloth. Never say never.
Solids at 3 months? Solids at 6 months? 6 months
Constantly teaching or sitting back and observing? More of an observer
TV or no TV? We are kind of on the line with this. I have the TV on while Rece is in the room for part of the day, but I don't ever put shows on for him and I probably won't for a while.
Spanking? Definitely not for us.
Vaccinate or not? Vaccinate
The debates could go on and on. And just because I do or do not believe in certain things for myself doesn't mean they don't work for other people. These are the things that worked for us. And I think everyone should stop doing what "they" say and go with your gut. That has been the only way that we have worked. Every time we go with what "they" say it backfires. I guess we don't have the perfect child. Who knew??? Feel free to bring up your own debates that you have had to deal with. And please feel free to disagree with me, out loud or to yourself! :) And you can state your opinion or defend why the method works for you without putting others down!


Haleigh said...

you are absolutely right, some of those things worked for us too, some didn't. it doesn't matter as long as you have a happy healthy baby! no need to judge! and rece always looks happy!

btw, haleigh says "rece" when we look at your blog online but she can't say "averie" yet! and yes, i let my toddler play on the computer (don't judge!)

:o) Laurie

Rece Anthony said...

Oh, that is so funny that she knows "Rece" but has never met him!

Averie Jean said...

I agree about what works for "me" may not work for "you" and vice versa! I believe that the more educated you are and the more information you gather can be helpful in most situations...but it is what you do with that information and knowledge and how you apply it to your child to actually find out what works! I like to think that I have it all figured out but definitely one moment and situation at a time! I am sure that this next one will keep me guessing!!! :o)

Rachael said...

You areso right about parenting. Ever parent has different things that work for their kids and may not work for others. I have a friend who is always pushing her AP parenting on me and its just not something that works with Gavin. My mom also tries to tell me how to discipline Gavin too. As long as your children are well taken care of, who cares ya know?
I must say Rece's new crawl is adorable! I hope he is feeling better too.