Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rough Week

Well we have had a slightly rough week this week. First of all, to start the week off right our air conditioner does not work! Yay for weather in the 90s. So on Tuesday we were pretty miserable at home and cranky. Well, it turns out that he was cranky for a reason. We all went grocery shopping Tuesday night. And we had said he felt a little warm at the store and so we were going to take his temp. when we got home. Well, as we are pulling into the garage, Tony looks back and says "Oh, he is puking". So I get him out of the car and he continues to throw up. Not fun. By the end of it we all had vomit on us. This was the first time Rece had really thrown up, so he was a little scared and upset. I would be too. So, Rece and I got into a bath together and cleaned up. His temp was 100.7. We decided to all sleep in the basement since it was cooler and we decided to let Rece sleep with us on the futon. I now know that co-sleeping is 100% not for us! I barely got any sleep. How does such a little body take up so much room and move so much??? But it was important that I would be right there if he started throwing up again. The next morning his temp. was 101 but has since gone back to normal and no more throwing up.
Don't worry Averie, I am pretty sure it is all out of my system. I haven't had a fever since Wednesday morning!


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Averie Jean said...

Not worried...I've (and my mama) had a cold all week. No fever though! I had my fever last week before you got here! But puking. Hope the cooler weather has helped!