Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I haven't been posting as many pictures of Rece lately just because there has been so much going on. So, here they are. Also there are so many cute things Rece does, that I always forget to post, so hopefully I can remember them and touch on those a little bit.
I just love this picture, it makes me laugh so much! It is very rare that I actually get him to look at the camera and smile anymore! He is just way too busy.

This is the scratch Rece got from Shrek. Don't worry, play just got a little rough!

These are one of his 5 pairs of babylegs! Well, he doesn't technically have two yet, they are Easter presents! SHHH

AHHHH Big Yawn!!!

Look, Ma, no hands!! He has been crawling around lately with things in his mouth!!

Other than music or really loud sounds, Oprah is the only thing on TV that really catches his attention!!

I love my daddy so much!!!

(He is a little big for the bouncy seat) Before his haircut...

...And after the haircut he was a little worn out!

Another funny thing he does is no matter what way we lay him in his crib he always turns to put his head at one specific end of the crib and gets really really close to the side and lays down again. It is so cute!!


aashyaa_pie said...

u have made a very beatiful blog of your cute baby.happy b'day belated.

Averie Jean said...

I love your pics, Rece! XOXXO I can't wait to play!

holli said...

I love that top pic and the baby legs w/ diaper pic - so cute!!!

Is it that we watch Oprah and they pick up her voice.. because Faith did the same thing with Oprah/Dr. Phil for awhile!!

Rachael said...

Man he is such a ham! I love the one of him in his diaper and baby Legs. Too cute!
I love the haircut too. He is looking so grown up!