Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Eating and Sleeping

Ok, so the biggest issues and concerns I have had with Rece are eating and sleeping. That is no big surprise. His sleeping has really been going great almost every time. And his eating isn't horrible. But, I am still a little paranoid about him choking. So, things like hot dogs especially I chop into miniscule pieces. Also, there are some things that he is just not allowed to have and probably won't be for quite a while, such as chips, pop, peanuts(anything with peanuts in it). I also am very big on him getting veggies and fruits and not too many sweets. There are other things too but just off the top of my head those are a few. Not everyone feels this way, but sometimes people don't think about asking before offering your child something. And with his sleeping I am kind of particular about his naps and such. If he doesn't get one of his naps it screws the whole next day up. There are times that things happen and he doesn't get one and that is life, I understand that. But, now here is my dilemma, when Tony and I go out and leave him with a babysitter how do we express these things without sounding too nitpicky(or is it ok to be nitpicky with him)? Like for an example(sorry mom) when Grandma was over here a few nights ago, she brought ice cream. It was Moose Tracks(YUM) and she was about to give it to Rece. I was reminded that there is peanut butter in there and so I stopped it immediately. But, what would have happened had I not been there? I would have freaked had I found out. I am sure that he would have been fine, but I just don't want him having certain things yet. And I think sometimes when you leave your baby with someone, they think everything should be done their way or if they don't have kids, then they go on what they have heard, or if it is with an older generation, whose kids are grown, they forget what it is like to have a baby and wanting to do things perfectly and your own way and think that they know better. Do you get over this fear? How do you bring up these subjects with babysitters or grandparents? And, how do you know that they will abide by your rules once you leave? I have worried about this kind of stuff from day one and I know most people say oh you will relax once you have another one. But, am I so wrong to want to do things my way? Especially since I am the one home with him all day.


holli said...

I got so much grief from certain family members and friends because I had Faith on a diet comprised of baby food I made from organic foods and veggies.. she really didn't eat meat - she got her protein from tahini, egg yolk and tofu.. and no sweets. I just put it all off on me whenever people tried to break my rules - "look, I'm a crazy new mommy - humor me.. I put a lot of work into her diet and maybe it will pass with time, but let me be the one to make that choice." I'm still not a big fan of sweets - and if my family questions me - I just point them to my niece, who is 5, a major sweets lover and has already had 3 root canals.

If you don't look out for your child's best interests, who will?

BTW - choking was my "thing" I flipped out over constantly.. and Faith learned how to fake choke. That was SO MUCH FUN!! NOT.

Figure out what is best for you all.. everyone else will get over it.

Haleigh said...

As a working mom, I have been very lucky to have someone to watch Haleigh that is willing to work with me on things like what I don't want her to eat yet. Chad's mom watches her during the day (at least 10 hours) and usually only gives her foods that I've already tried with her.

I originally felt the same way about peanuts and peanut butter as you, but my mom has been watching her on Saturdays while I work, and I found out that she had been giving her peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and I freaked. But of course everything was fine, and Hal loves peanut butter now.

When someone else watches her that may not know her schedule, I just lay it out for them that she will behave better for them if she keeps to the nap times and foods that she's used to and just will be an overall happier baby.

A lot of our family have said (behind my back) that I have been overprotective and unnecessarily cautious with her, but I think that as long as we're doing what we think is best, nobody should judge. Yeah I may change if we have another baby and be more laid back, but then right now would be my only chance to do things my way, so let me do it! (can you tell I've struggled with the same feelings?!)

Hang in there! Holli's right, they'll get over it.
Laurie (Haleigh's Mama)

Anonymous said...

There is NO SUCH thing as too over protective with your children, they are your life! IF you want your child handled a certain way it should be done. I just freaked out finding out my brother let Delaney sit in the FRONT seat from church to the ice creme shop. Now I know its a one minute drive but alot can happen in one minute and I made it very aware. There would not be car seat rules if they were not necessary but fact is SOME people just do not get it! Stick to your guns...people will respect you MOMMY wishes :) As for choking, why do we all have that horrible fear? I think its in bred within us! Thanks for letting me SNOOP!

Shannon (Delaneys Mom)