Thursday, January 26, 2006

How did Rece get long legs!?

I don't know if everyone has this problem but Rece grows out of his pants in the length before he even fits into the waist practically! He is not unusally tall or skinny-50th percentile all the way! Well, the same applies for his snowsuit...his legs are already too long for it and his arms are WAY too short for it...AND IT IS AN 18 MONTH SNOWSUIT! How am I supposed to keep his cute little legs all warm when we play in the snow? Oh well. We went to the park today but we only stayed for like 20 minutes. I have realized how important it is to get him out each day...he gets very restless in the morning now that he is down to one nap.

Notice the legs are a little short...they are supposed to be able to go over this shoes so I don't need to buy boots! (He is actually awake in this picture...I did not put him in there asleep!)

My little angel!!!! This is what happens everytime we get in the car in the morning now!

"Hey gimme that thing and stop flashing that light in my eyes!"

"Yeah John Deere!!" He is ready to go out and help daddy in the summer!
"But I don't want to get off of the tractor mommy!"

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