Friday, January 27, 2006

Attack of the Graham Cracker!

Well, Rece had his first graham cracker and wouldn't ya know that this is when he chooses to learn to bite pieces off of food instead of just sucking on it! I thought he would do his usual thing and just suck until it got mushy...NO...he sticks as much in his mouth as he possibly can and then takes a huge bite. Moves it around his mouth until it mushes and then swallows. He did pretty good but there were a couple gags and once he was almost out of his highchair because there was a scare...he made the coughing face but no noise was coming out! I almost had his buckle undone and he finally got it out...a little scary!

Here is the beginning...nice and clean and a whole craker!

Now note this cracker was whole...see how much he shoved in his mouth at once!

The graham cracker has attacked! The aftermath.


Haleigh said...

Haleigh's Mommy says:

It was scary to start giving Haleigh bigger pieces of things to see if she would take bites too. But she he hasn't had anything crunchy like a graham cracker because she has no teeth yet.

Great job Rece!

Averie Jean said...

Rece! I love crackers! I haven't tried the graham ones yet...but I have been chowing on the Ritz wheat crackers and I love them. I do the same thing, put a bite in my mouth and crunch on it, make it mushy and than swallow. It's the best. I am trying beets today for lunch!! I'll let you know how that goes! :o)