Monday, January 30, 2006

Uneventful Day

Today has been a pretty uneventful day minus one slightly grumpy baby this morning. This weekend was the cause of the grumpiness.
We had a first/seventh birthday party combined for two of Rece's cousins (Gage and Joey) on Saturday at 1:00 Of course this is nap time so he took a short cat nap at like 11:30. Then at about 3:30 we headed up to Toledo and stayed at our friends Laura and Eric's house (and Rece's friends, Brandon, Sidney and Hudson). He slept for about 45 min. on the way up. He went to bed a little later like 8:30 or 9 and then was up on Sunday at about 6 am. Well, we went up to Toledo for a surprise 30th birthday for Eric on Sunday so at about 1:00 we left and went to my Aunt Teri's for a little bit until the party at 3:00, so no nap there except the trip from Aunt Teri's to the party! We drove home at about 5:30 and Rece slept from about 10 minutes into the trip all the way home minus one fussy 10 minute period. We got home and got him into bed and he slept until this morning at about 7:00!!!!!
But as you can imagine it kind of caught up with him and me this morning! But all is back to normal (hopefully) and he is happy for now!

Checking out the scene to make sure no one is watching!

Going in for the kill...magazines he knows he is not supposed to get into!

"What I didn't do anything"

Sidney is quite aggressive with the boys...many, many kisses were passed out between the two!

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