Monday, January 08, 2007

The Final Christmases

This weekend surrounding his birthday party we celebrated christmas with Averie and Baylor and then my sister and her kids. The top three pictures were with Averie and the bottom 3 with Teri, Becca, Phillip, Claire and Gabriel. Rece, of course, got lots of great things. Thanks everyone!
Rece and Averie yet again got off to a rocky start. I think it was just too much. He went to bed on Friday night with the normal people in his house and he woke up on Saturday morning with 6 house guests! So needless to say Averie was terrified of him the remainder of the day after he smacked her. Actually Rece was more aggressive than normal this weekend. I believe he got Averie, Baylor, Natasha and Gabriel. He just gets so excited but that is just not OK! It was a good weekend and overall he was great. Sorry for the smacks everyone! Someday he will understand that is not appropriate.

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Beth said...

No worries! Averie still thinks it is his birthday and is talking about his balloons and la-la's (us singing to him)! We had a great time! Glad to see you are still posting...kinda...we're excited for the baby though too!