Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Birthday Party Fun!

We had Rece's birthday party over the weekend and the boy got lots and lots of gifts! My mom(grammy) made his cakes. He seemed to enjoy it, especially when everyone sang to him. The only "game" we had for the kids was laying out bubble wrap and letting the kids go crazy. It didn't really go as planned since the room was carpeted, but the kids didn't care and they went ahead and popped it with their hands. Rece didn't really get into that too much which I didn't expect, but that is why we didn't really do any games. Overall, I think his whole birthday celebration went really well and the party went smoothly.
However, now Rece has croup! Not fun at all. He woke up in the middle of the night Monday with a terrible cough and then threw up all over me and him! So we both got into the bath and he stayed up a little longer. Yesterday he appeared to be getting better, but then today he woke up with a temp. of 101, so we called the doctor but since we have his 2 year check up tomorrow anyway they told me to go ahead and just keep that appointment. So hopefully it will clear up quickly, because it makes me so sad to think that if I have this baby soon, Rece wouldn't be able to come visit in the hospital and then having to bring a newborn home to a sick toddler! YUCK! Plus I am still a little under the weather, but that seems to be clearing up.
And Happy late birthday to Annie (Saturday), she kind of got left out on here since we were so busy this weekend, but we got to spend her birthday with her!!

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