Tuesday, December 19, 2006

He wants to be like his mommy!

He has discovered my shoes. Yesterday he just stepped right on in and started walking around with them on. It is very slow walking but very cute. However he gets very frustated if something isn't working out right.

I am seeing his terrible twos hitting. He has had a temper since birth but within the last couple of days is has started throwing fits. I still wouldn't call them tantrums YET but I see that happening soon. He throws a fit now when we try to put a coat on him and he throws his head back and starts smacking and scratching.

But in better news, I am really excited about the next couple of weeks with him. I am really looking forward to christmas and his birthday this year. I know he will enjoy it. I, however, am dreading the number of gifts he will get. The boy has too many toys as it is and I know he will get more, even though I didn't tell anyone that asked what he wanted/needed to get him toys. but some people think kids need every toy in the store. Really clothes and books would be sufficient.


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