Friday, December 22, 2006

Games we play

I wanted to get this post up before all the christmas posts started. Rece's latest favorite game to play is copycat. But, it is only with faces he makes. He likes to make all these silly faces and expects people to copy them. He thinks it is the greatest.
And he has figured out how to turn most of his toys on and off. That can be slightly headache-inducing sometimes, but it is better that he knows how to turn them on. That means he whines less for me to help him!
His party is really coming along. All gifts purchased and wrapped! YAY! Now we just have to figure out the menu and buy some of the plates/silverware. Almost there.
Ok, this is about gift giving and I would like opinions if anyone has them. I think it is the parents privilage to buy children the big gifts that come with childhood like the first tricycle, first bike, swingset, power wheels, etc. And I think that if someone else would like to get him a big gift the parents should be asked. Not only because it is a big gift and maybe the parents wanted to do that, but also if it takes up a lot of room what if the parents are not ready for it. Or maybe the parents know that the child is not really ready for a gift like it. Now it is different if the parents specifically asked someone to buy it. No one has done this that I know of yet, but Tony and I were talking about it and he understood how I felt but he didn't necessarily feel the same way. Am I being selfish or unreasonable? I just think that is the responsibility and privilage of the parents. I enjoy doing things like that for him. I also think that it partly comes from the fact that we have some friends and acquantances that rely heavily on their parents and I just feel like we had him and we should take responsibility for him and because of that we should have first dibs on what we get him. Ok this is longer than planned but I would like some opinions.


Beth said...

I agree with you. I will be (at least am planning to) the one to buy Averie her first tricycle, swing set and those kinds of things. I also haven't had a problem of someone else going all out...anyone that has gotten her something that might be her first, has asked...(first ride on toy and first baby stroller). But I did buy her her first baby doll. Although I wouldn't mind someone else footing the bill for her first swingset...j/k he he...good luck with these crazy days coming up! Can't wait to see you. Please consider this our RSVP by the way! We'll work out the details later! :o)

Aunt annie said...

i also agree with that. those types of purchases are very personal, and usually need to be thought through as in where it will go, if the child will really use it, what happens if you move, and so forth. so no i don;t think you are being unreasonable.