Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Take 1

The first christmas that we celebrated was on Saturday, with my family. This is always a big gathering with lots of food and even more gifts. Rece got some clothes and a christmas ornament along with a talking vacuum cleaner and some musical instruments, a few board books, a phone and a hippo. I think that is it, sorry if I missed anything. All of the gifts, he loved. He enjoyed opening the gifts and he pretty much did it himself(if he was interested), but he didn't get excited about seeing the gifts. So, this year was fun and it was kind of nice that he wasn't yet impatient about opening presents. I got a giftcard for a massage! YAY! I will hopefully be enjoying that soon.



Sarah said...

I hope you had a Great Christmas!

Anonymous said...


Where are the pics of Carmine? I've waited all day to see Carmine!