Wednesday, May 10, 2006

These are our new friends Benjamen and Rachel!!! They are only a few weeks old. Their big brother is Samuel!

Rece can just crawl around on our little cement patio for like an hour. No toys, just crawling! His 18 month pants are never going to survive to the next child!

Is anyone else starting to believe this child will never walk??? This is how he prefers to use his "walking" toys! 16 months and 23+ lbs. come one Rece I need my back for a long time still!!


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Daddy D said...

my little one did the same thing with her walking toys...i was beginning to wonder the same thing...will she ever walk!!?

then i started put her next the coffee table, so she could stand...and got about 2 feet away, held my arms out and pleaded for her to come to me...after doing that multiple times a day for a week, the day after her 1st birthday she made it about 8 feet...and now a month later she's cruising the whole house....can't stop her from walking!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective