Friday, May 12, 2006

Jokes on Mommy

Today, I was changing Rece's diaper. Routine diaper change until he starts peeing. He doesn't do this very often, but it happens occasionally. I covered him up as I was saying, "Dude, what is that all about". HE STARTED LAUGHING! Not just smirks and smiles. NO! He was giggling! Who taught him that trying to pee on mommy is funny? Cause whoever you are, you are in trouble! Actually it was pretty funny and I couldn't help but to laugh after that.

This website hasn't really been all that exciting lately. Sorry about that, but you will have to take it up with Rece. It seems his development has come to a bit of a halt. Not much new and exciting going on around here. Even his teething has slowed down. His last one came in about 2 months ago, leaving the count at 7. I think that is coming back though. Today he has been a little bit grumpier and whinier than usual. And he seems a little warm but the thermometer says no fever. So, only time will tell! We have got such a busy couple of months ahead of us, so hopefully soon we will have some good pictures and good stories to shower, graduation party, bridal shower, confirmation, a bachelorette party(which Rece will not be attending), 3 weddings, another graduation and party and a family reniun! WHEW we are going to be exhausted! And that is only the stuff that we know about and have gotten invitations to! Not to mention a birthday party that we can't attend cause too much is going on! Have a good weekend and if we don't post before HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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