Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So, our basement is finally finished!!!! Here are some pictures of it. The rooms are still empty and the telephone and cable still needs to be hooked up but you get the idea!!! The first picture is of what we still have left of the unfinished basement. We have plenty of storage really but it has all the junk from the other 3 rooms in it. But anyway this is what the whole basment looked like before we started on this massive project. Grandpa Rocky helped out a lot and we thank him.

This room is mommy's room. It will be used as a guest bedroom and mommy's scrapbooking and gift wrapping room!!!!! YAY for mommy

These two pictures are of my playroom!!!! There is also a chalkboard wall, but it is just a black wall...not really worth a picture. Also, mommy is going to put my handprints along with all my friends' handprints on one wall also! Finally all the toys can be moved down here!!

This is daddy's Ohio State room(Go Bucks!!!). It is going to be used for another family room basically and this will be where mommy and daddy workout!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, I bet y'll are so happy now!

Rachael said...

Oh I love it! I am so jealous. We have been wanting to do our basement for 2 years now. We just don't have the money for it.