Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fall Fest

Today we went to "Fall Fest" at a local greenhouse. We had fun and Rece loved getting into everything. It was a little muddy but of course Rece didn't care.
They had a sand area with sand toys and he loved it. He threw a fit when we took him out of it, but a lot of kids came in and he was throwing sand and trying to smash everything that other kids were building.
He finally loves the swings and they had a swingset so he enjoyed this.
He loves corn, so what do you think he wanted to do with this?
The Hayride!
Sitting on a bail of hay. We got this smile for about 2 seconds so I am surprised I caught it.
This was probably his favorite part(maybe the sand too). But he just wanted to do this over and over. He also cried when he took him away from this.
We bought 3 pumpkins and Grandma bought 1 to make pumpkin pie with. But this one almost became pumpkin splat thanks to Rece!

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Katie said...

Great photos! I love fall. Too bad my daughter is scared of pumpkins! At least she likes hay mazes though!