Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you?

Where were you 5 years ago today?
Well, Rece wasn't around, but someday this will be in his history books and he is sure to ask me where his mom and dad were when this happened. This is one of those events that you will never forget where you were.

I was in college for my second year. I was driving to school I guess when it was actually happening. It was an eventful morning for me before I had even heard about it. I got to school and ran to my class as I was running a little late. But as soon as I got there they told everyone to go home. So I still didn't know what was going on. But when I went to get my car, it had been towed! So, I walked home and had to go visit my landlord and that is where I saw what was going on, in his apartment on his TV. The whole time we were driving to get my car, I was thinking, don't these people know what is going on, isn't there more important things to worry about besides where cars are parked? In the events of that day, my car getting towed was a miniscule event, but I will never forget it.

Tony was in class as it was happening. He had to sit through two classes that morning. He was released after the second class, Anthropology. He went home and turned the TV on to see what was going on and that is when he learned what had happened. He watched TV with his roommate for quite awhile until we had to go pick up my car.

I couldn't help but think Thank God that I didn't know anyone in NYC, but as it turned out my uncle was at the Pentagon. Thank goodness he is still with us but he did get hurt, burned up his back. He was a firefighter helping people while all this happened. He has some great pictures of that day, but I am sure he will never need pictures to remember. He was there when the plane hit, he saw it all.

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Mom said...

I was scheduled to meet with the U.S. Customs Port Director in Toledo that day. The building was heavily secured, and I needed an escort throughout, but the drive up there was a different atmosphere . . . people were actually driving slower and were courteous towards other drivers. My prayers that night were to thank God that I was able to see both of my kids that day . . . what were the odds that I was scheduled to go to Toledo on that day, of all days?

I love you, Tonia, Keith, Tony, and Rece!