Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Sorry it has been so long since an update. We have just been busy. But I am glad to say that the biggest accomplishment in the last week or so is that Rece has stopped throwing his sippy cup!!!!!!!! Of course now he has decided that it is fun to bang it on the table over and over again. But, now that he no longer throws it we have started working on a regular cup. We just started yesterday. But he is doing better than I expected! It will be a while before he is on one all the time, but we have started and that is all that matters. Right now he just gets water in it. His vocabulary is starting to grow a little bit. But he usually has to be prompted to say something other then tickle. But if I say sock he will repeat it, but he doesn't just point to or pick up a sock and say it. I guess that will come. We have been so busy getting stuff done for the nursery and buying the baby stuff that we need. That is what our weekends have become especially after Rece goes to bed. Oh and he has said his first bad word. Thank you grandma! We had people over for the football game on Saturday and my mom blurted out "SHIT" and sure enough immediately after that Rece said something to that effect, it sounded like "SHI" We couldn't help but laugh. He hasn't said it since so hopefully he didn't realize what we were laughing at.


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holli said...

I had no idea this sippy cup business was going on - you better call the authorities!

Faith said shit out of the blue without me saying it first. Somehow I find that to be more disturbing!!