Monday, September 04, 2006

Lesson Learned!

Never let Rece sleep in just a shirt and diaper!


Well, because there is a chance that you will walk in to find poop everywhere!!! All over the crib, all over his arms and face!!! And it wasn't even like he pooped and then took his diaper off. No, he has recently found his private area and any time the diaper is off his hand is down there. So he took the diaper off to play with himself and then pooped with his diaper off. How do we know this? Well, first his butt was the cleanest part of him. Second, the diaper had not a drop of poop on it! Oh, how gross! We will never let him sleep like that again. Well, at least until he is potty trained.
So, I took him and we both got into the shower and Tony cleaned off the crib. I am not sure which job is worse. But it was gross no matter how you looked at it.


holli said...

I'm scared to death to make this comment - but I can't believe that hasn't happened to us yet.. short of a little bit of (TMI coming up next) some diarrhea leaking out of one of Faith's diaper into the bed one night.. but it wasn't too horrible.

I totally ruined my mom's access to her favorite fabric store when I was a toddler.. I went off, had diarrhea and then smeared it on all the fabric from one end of the store to the other.. My mother saw brown footprints, saw what I had done and I guess we fled from the store - and didn't return for almost 20 years.


Now that I've put this in writing.. Faith will do something of equal or greater value!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone was dreaming about those Buckeyes!
Go Blue!