Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Why is it that my child only sleeps in when I am up and ready for the day or we have somewhere to go????? Yet, when I really need an extra hour of sleep he is up bright and early!!!!! Like today, I was up ready to get the day going and well I just heard him at 8:15 and he is still in there barely talking or making noise, so you better believe he is staying in there a little longer!
And yes I know the answer to why is because it is Rece! And of course I wouldn't take him any other way!


Anonymous said...

Not only does he do it b/c it is Rece but b/c he is a man, and every man has to be difficult!! haha. But he is the best baby and your right, who would want it any other way.
Love ya,

holli said...

Exactly.. EXACTLY!!! Faith would sleep all day during the week.. but on the weekends.. nothing. She gives me nothing. It's not fair.

It's sabotage I tell you - they have a club somewhere and the plan this form of torture!!

But someday we will get them back by making them get up for school!!!!


In the meantime.. I sorry. I know you need your sleep.


Rachael said...

That is the story of my life. If you replaced the Rece with the word Gavin.