Thursday, July 13, 2006

He loves it when I blow bubbles(for about 10 seconds) but he likes the wand even better. He brings me the bubbles and signs please. But after about 2 blows he wants the wand and then puts it in his mouth. GROSS. He doesnt' even seem to mind the soap taste.
Last week for the first time since starting cloth diapers, we got so behind that we ran out of clean ones. So, we used an "old-fashioned" cloth diaper. With regular safety pins. It covered everything but when we peed, we had a wet pillow to clean up. Those diapers to not hold anything. No wonder the need for "rubber pants"!

UPDATE ON WALKING: He now stands up, walks a few steps, either rebalances or falls, gets back up and repeat. He is getting really good at standing up without using anything for help or support. He has even realized that he can squat down to pick things up. It is funny now to turn around and just see him walking toward us. We are still getting used to it.
And he loves chasing the cat and she usually lets him pull on her fur and she doesn't do anything. Well, today he cornered the cat and she didn't like that too much. She bit him, nothing to break skin, just kind of a warning. HE LAUGHED!!


Queen Bug said...

he is just way too cute! His personality really shows through all of the pictures on here... it looks like being his parents is as much fun as being him! ;o)

holli said...

Oh - you need one of those bubble machines. They have reasonable ones at Target - it saved my bubble blowing life!! I even stocked up on two last year.. but I can't find it.

He is a doll baby!