Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All kinds of fun things

************So do you think he likes the lemon or the chili better???**********

Look what I learned to do!!
Yesterday, he went back into the bedroom to play and when he goes back there and shuts the door I generally let him play by himself until he starts whining. Well, I heard the door shut, then I heard playing for about 15 min. Then I heard nothing. This is what I found!! Two nights ago was the first time he got to sleep with a pillow in his crib because the last few days he lays his head on a pillow any chance he gets. Now at night he pretty much stays in the same position all night! I still haven't gotten a picture yet.
We went to Blocks Bagels for lunch. And with lunch comes a pickle. What I was really trying to get a picture of was him using the pickle as a phone to talk to daddy, but then he started doing this as soon as the camera came out of course!
Pictures still to come: sleeping with a pillow at night and using a spoon!


Aunt Annie said...

ok i am going to try this post again....Rece i am so glad you learned how to sit in the cubby, i was waiting all weekend for you to do that, but in true Rece fashion you waited till i left to do it!!!! lots of love!

Kathy McC said...

Hi there! Saw your question on my blog about Rece walking. I am thinking back to Aaron and here's the way it went for him:

9 months--started scooting on his butt to get around.

12 months--traditional crawl.

15 months--Pulled up for the first time and started cruising shortly after. This was after the pediatrician threatened that if he wasn't pulling up by 15 months, he would need physical therapy. He pulled up around 2 days before the appointment.

17.5 months--After weeks of walking while holding hands, we transitioned to walking with one hand. Then at around a week before 18 months(once again the threatened PT mark) he let go and walked on his own.

This all made me crazy with worry. I think the bottom line is that as long as he's following the development leading up to walking consistenly, which it sounds like he is, he'll be fine. He may just think that crawling and cruising is easier and might be a little scared to let go. Just encourage him by practicing every day and have him try and walk between you and a friend or dh. He will do it, I promise!!!

P.S. You may find that after this is all behind you, He may still show a slight lag in gross and fine motor skills, such as hopping on one foot, skipping and balancing. Aaron still takes a little longer to accomplish these tasks than his peers, but he's still within normal range.

Hope this helps!

Laurie said...

that lemon pic is hilarious - haleigh loves 'em and i don't know why.
that cabinet picture is also too cute and i wish i could take naps during the day... he looks so comfy!
my little cousin took a long time to learn to walk too. we realized she was too scared to let go of our hands, but she really could walk if she would just let go. finally we stealithly switched our fingers she was holding with chubby crayons or markers and then let them go. she would think she was holding our fingers and just keep going. it worked!

Rachael said...

I love that lemon picture. Gavin never cringed. He just ate it like it was some sort of tastey treat LOL.
That picture of him sleeping is just so "awww". He is such a cutie!