Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yesterday we met Averie and Beth halfway between where each of of lives. This was at Bob Evans. We went to the mall and shopped a little and then had lunch. Then we headed off home. Hopefully now that we found this halfway with a playground we can do this more often!!

I told you he loves milk!!!

This is he fuzzibuns diaper. We finally tried it last night. It was great, he didn't poo, but the pee stayed in great! We did put in an extra insert just to be on the safe side.

He just recently has very actively been playing peek-a-boo. He covers his hands with his eyes usually. It is really cute.

Who eats cardboard and paper??? My son of course. He has been actually biting the cardboard off the books. Twice just this morning I have had to go fishing in his mouth for the pieces!!


Mama C-ta said...

Look at him in his Fuzzibunz! Do you like them better than the other ones you tried? My Happy Heiny's just came in today so I have to wash them then try 'em out!

Haleigh said...

the pics in the slideshow are so great. you'll probably figure it out, but i used width="230" height="173" to make it fit.


Rece Anthony said...

I like the fuzzibunz better than the swaddlebees and about the same as bumGenius as far as pocket diapers go

Averie Jean said...

Rece~ I had so much fun too! Next time we're going to that awesome park! And we can pack a picnic lunch! :o)