Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Zoo

Here is a sneak peak of his outfit for his 15 month pictures!!! I just love it. I will be getting the pictures back on the 14th so more to come...

We went to the zoo today. So fun. The first picture was at the petting zoo. Rece didn't really care too much, but he did pet the goat here. Then the second picture is of us on the carousel. It is amazing that instinct tells a child to hold onto the pole, cause as soon as we started moving he grabbed ahold! Every time the horse went up he would scrunch up and make a funny face, you could tell his stomach was going up and down. After about 2 rotations he wanted me to hold him. But he didn't cry, so we stood there for the rest of the ride and he kept clenching his butt. He was probably still feeling it in his stomach. After we got off of the carousel I had a woman approach me and tell me how cute and friendly and flirty he was. I believe her words were "I just had to tell you he is just the cutest thing in the world and friendly!" Mama is so proud! She said he was flirting with her the whole time we were in line. My little flirt!! We had so much fun at the zoo(daddy went too). This will definitely be a regular outing this summer(we have a membership-thanks grandma and grandpa!). A good workout too. Imagine walking for 3 hours with a 25 lb. weight strapped to you! I carried him using the mei tei about 2/3 of the day and I wasn't even uncomfortable at all. We even used the back carry which he loved. For the most part the only reason he was in his stroller was to eat! Which he didn't do much of.


Aunt Annie said...

what a handsome boy! i can't wait for my pictures!!!

holli said...

We just went to the zoo too - and I tell you, it would have been nice had Faith wanted to spend a little more time in the stroller!!

He's such a cutie pie. He looks like a danger baby with no hands on that carousel!!