Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Park Day

Yay for summer fast approaching!!!! We went to the park today with some friends including Joey and Conner! Now tell me how crawling in this is better than the grass???? Although after crawling in this he decided the grass wasn't so bad, but still prefered this. Goofy boy. His favorite thing on the whole playground was the mulch: EATING it! All day I had to either stop mulch from going in or fish it out of his mouth if I turned my head for even a second. It was so nice out and Beth the sandals fit great with room to grow still!!! We went and saw some animals at the historical farm at the park. We saw cows, sheep, horses and lots of ducks! It was a long day as you can see. :) This is what happens when you mix sweat, a hat and thick hair!!! All I did was take his hat off and voila!!

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