Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I would never do such a thing as put grass in my mouth! Never!!

What? You mean tampons are for women?

This is what I find every day when I am getting ready. He is obsessed with my make-up and tampons. Should I be worried ;)

He put daddy's shorts over his head all by himself. But, to say the least he was not happy when he could not take them off by himself.

Rece refuses all vegies. I used to be able to get him to eat a couple. Then it went to I could at least get them in his mouth but they would come back out. Now, when I do the airplane, this is what happens. He laughs and covers his mouth! Although this night he did put a couple of peas in his mouth on his own, then spit them out. Step in the right direction right?


holli said...

Faith is so picky about veggies.. only le seuer peas - not regular ones. Only a certain cut of green beans. Only steamed brocolli - or do they just have us well trained? Because she used to eat it all mashed up with tofu!

He's going to kill you for that tampon pic someday.

Mama C-ta said...

I was fascinated w/tampons too before I actually had to use them!

I reviewed Fuzzi Bunz today..how do you like your cloth diapers?