Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Yesterday we colored eggs. Those are the first three pictures. Rece liked holding the eggs, but as soon as I put the cup near him for him to drop it in, he dropped the egg and tried to grab for the cup. We ended up with a very cracked egg. Then he bit into an egg so hard that he cracked the shell!!! So then he wanted nothing to do with the eggs. So, needless to say, I colored all of the eggs.
The 4th picture was this morning. He was in his cute easter outfit, "finding" his easter basket! He had no interest in his basket, he wanted the eggs! His basket had two pairs of babylegs and some bubbles and bubble blowers! YAY. Mommy got some flowers and daddy got some undershirts and shave gel.
Then we went to church for breakfast and church. He ate great and did really well in church although he was very tired. We then went over to Grandma and Grandpa M's for lunch. I got an outfit, a toy truck and a book! YAY.
Then the last three pictures is of us at my Uncle's house in the woods doing the egg hunt. He had no interest in picking up eggs AT ALL. Hopefully next year it will be a little more exciting! Grandma T got him lots of Dr. Seuss books-that we already had! Sorry Grandma! And he had is first rice krispie treat! My cousin Amanda was trying so hard to be nice and leave the low eggs for him and in that last picture you can see that she is trying to hide an egg right behind him so he will pick it up! How cute!

And last but not least

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