Friday, April 28, 2006

Cloth Diapers

Well I thought I would give everyone an update on the cloth diaper biz. I LOVE THEM. We are 100% cloth diapers and mostly cloth wipes. We still use disposable wipes when we go out and about. And I am assuming Rece loves them too because his diaper rash/staph infection is GONE!!!! YAY! We have 13 bumGenius. I really like those and am glad that I decided to go with those for the majority. They are great overnight even. I just add an extra insert and voila totally dry in the morning. Then I have 1 bumpkins AIO. This one is so-so. I don't think I like AIO(all-in-ones) in general. It takes forever to dry. Plus it seems a little big although we are in the weight range. I haven't had any leaking problems, but have been too scared to try these overnight. I would like to try another brand of AIO so I can see if it is just in general I don't like them or if it is brand preference. Any suggestions??? Then we also have 1 Fuzzibuns. I like them, again haven't tried them at night but I have a feeling with an added insert they would also be fine. And we also have 1 swaddlebees. So far, my least favorite of the pocket diapers. It just doesn't seem to have as much coverage and I don't like how they snap quite as well. They still work fine and I know the coverage issue is supposed to be for a trim fit, but I would rather have better coverage. I will post a picture of Rece in one of the colored cloth diapers later.

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