Monday, March 27, 2006

The two extremes!

These are just a couple of really cute outfits that he has...
First we have the dressed up handsome look. I just love this outfit!

And it even looks cute with babylegs!!

And then we have the sporty look(also handsome!) Our little Soccer Player!! He was teasing the dog with this ball.

We tried playing outside since it was so nice but Rece didn't like the feel of the grass on his hands.

He was looking for the dog under the futon.

Mid or soccer?

We have such a busy week ahead of us. Tomorrow I will get to play with Joey and Averie. Plus, I may get to see Conner tomorrow also! And on Wednesday I will be spending the day with Averie again. I hope we are both in good moods, maybe we can get some good pictures. Then on Thursday I have a playdate with Samuel, Cade and Keegan! I can't wait, so many babies!!!


Haleigh said...

That first outfit is so adorable... such a little man!

katertoter said...

How cute! I love the "different" Looks you have himin.

Ragan said...

Very cute pics!