Sunday, March 05, 2006

No, Really

So, mommy is officially no longer a milk bar. She really stopped nursing me on Friday. No tears on either part. Mommy did really good and was really ready this time and I was ready too. When daddy got me up on Saturday I was slightly grumpy when he was changing my clothes but after that I was fine. And on Sunday nothing!
Official breastfeeding time: 1 year 2 months 1 day!!!


Averie Jean said...

A happy sad moment I'm sure. I am not ready yet. For sure! Bring your Mei Tai next weekend. I need to check it out! :o)

ƜberDaddy said...

Nice job Rece! Your Mom is now free to have some yummy red wine (do you like red?)! Also glad to hear that the transition was so smooth. Mommy: You deserve to have a tremendous feeling of accomplishment knowing how much you did for him!