Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our Little Sweet Tooth!

Last night after dinner we had a dessert that was chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. Very Rich. So, we decided not to give Rece any, or at least I did. Because of all the chocolate, we knew he couldn't have his own piece and because of his little temper tantrums (we had to take him out of ColdStone Creamery one time cause his ice cream was gone) we knew we couldn't give him just one bite. Well, daddy decided to give him a bite and of course he wanted more. Daddy only gave him a couple of bites and he didn't do to bad, but saw that daddy still had a plate even though he was saying all gone. So daddy put the plate up to Rece's face to see what he would do. Sure enough HE LICKED IT! It was so funny. I didn't think at this age they knew how to actually lick!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cold stone is the best ice cream. I would want more too Rece!