Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's the little things...

We got our first good baby carrier. It is called a mei tai. We can wear him on our front, back and hip. The back is a little tricky by myself, so we will stick to the other two unless daddy is with us. (First picture)
Lately Rece has been showing signs of stacking things. (Picture 2) He tries to put anything and everything on top of things. We find things on our couches, our desk and anywhere else he can reach, especially peek-a-blocks!
He is also officially off of baby foods. He is fighting us on vegetables right now but for the most part he is doing great! We make him try everything and if he doesn't like it right now I am not forcing it. He still has his temper tantrum meals but they are fewer and farther between! He is however great at drinking milk, juice or water, as mentioned before. He now has 6 teeth!! 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. He no longer is our little vampire. Lately, especially today, he has been a little chatterbox. All kind or sounds and syllables and pitches are coming out of him. Especially the laughs. He has so many different laughs! (3rd picture-look how ornrey!) He is definitely saying "more" a lot. Pretty much when he wants something he will say it, unless he is in a bad mood, then the whining never ends. I am also sure he is saying "bye". Every time we went out into the garage he would say "ba ba ba ba ba" over and over. Then one time I said "Say Bye" and he made the same sound, so I believe the little smarty pants knows when we go into the garage that we are going bye bye! "Milk" is also a new one that I think he might be saying, but not sure yet. And now he is all over the place. We can't keep him still. He doesn't want or need mommy and daddy for entertainment anymore. Crawl, Crawl, Crawl. As I type he just crawled head first into a wall! Daddy is a little sad that he doesn't want us to play with him! Soon enough he will be wanting to play board games and xbox, I know. He is also growing like a weed. He got measured and weighed on Wednesday and is 30 in. and 23 lbs.! And he is in 18 month clothing!!!

Sorry Grandma T I think that his eyes are green/hazel officially.

Do you see the long line of drool?


Daddy D said...

We're just starting the move from baby to table...100%. She's always done fine with the few table foods we've used...but it's now time to move off the baby food completely....ahhhhhh.

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Mama C-ta said...

A Mei Tai!! Great choice!!!! You will get the hang of doing it yourself in no time.

I love that 3rd pic. Julian loves the peek a blocks too, they seem to be his favorite, a toy he has yet to tire of.