Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alright, it is National DeLurking week...so everyone who is checking out my website come out of hiding and leave a comment! And just so you have something to comment on...I need some thoughts or advice if you have any:
Rece is really having a hard time transitioning to table food. He likes his baby food so much that he resists trying table food. He will eat a few things well, but mostly he turns his head at everything. He is having issues with texture too...on his hands and in his mouth. And the only thing I can get him to eat on his own is fruit/veggie puffs! I need help...I am ready to stop buying baby food soon!


Anonymous said...

National Delurking Week??? Who came up with that one?

Try blending . . . puree at first, and then less and less.

Love you . . . Mimi T

Aunt Claudia said...

I have been lurking around since the beginning. I thought it was called "Cease Lurking Week".

My secretary says to put some pureed food into an old baby food jar so that Rece hears the familiar clinking sound. (She says that mashed potatos with butter is a good thing to start with.)

Laurie said...

We started Haleigh on table food by giving her stuff like cut-up mandarin oranges and well-cooked peas, carrots and green beans. We just set a little bit of something in front of her and let her go at it and once she got a taste, she was hooked. She'll eat anything now, and even had her first taste of pizza sauce last night (she loved it.)
Now her favorite foods are little raviolis (cut into fours) and cooked veggies. She doesn't have any teeth yet, but she sure moved to table food easy. I think one reason may have been that the last time we gave her baby food, we were at a restaurant and couldn't heat it up. She wouldn't eat it cold, so we ordered some mac & cheese and I gave her small pieces of my green beans. That was it for the baby food once she got a taste of REAL food.

Good Luck!
Laurie, Haleigh's Momma


Rece Anthony said...

Thank you for the comments...I don't have a food processor so I can't puree. We have already done the mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, yogurt, and stuff like that but it is moving on to the "chunky" food that he actually has to mash. I have tried the gerber diced fruits/veggies and stuff like that and he just doesn't like them :( I guess I will just keep trying, but he loves his baby food. And I never heated it to begin with so he likes it cold!

HElene said...

Happy de-lurking week. Thanks for stopping by.

BTW: Love photos of the cake & birthday boy too!

Averie Jean said...

Keep trying! Some of Averie's favs~ Spaghetti chopped up, small pieces of meat (chicken, beef), cheese, peaches and pears (canned, cut small and smashed a little with a fork-I feed them to her with a spoon, they are hard to pick up), bread, crackers, rolls, egg yolks, pancakes (loaded with syrup and butter~J/K he, he) she likes the gerber grads veggie chunks, but I cut them smaller and use a spoon still. She also likes tomato soup! I think that about covers it! I used my pampered chef food chopper to cut up the spaghetti! it worked perfectly! :o) Keep up the effort, he will get it! :o) He is so very laid back... <3 Averie and her Mamma

mommy d said...

Everyone gave you some really great ideas. We did mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, chunky applesauce etc. Two of my three loved it and my one son hated the texture and the mess of eating. We just tried day after day and he finally started liking texture. To this day though he hates to try new things and hates being messy! Thanks for stopping by!

Periwinkle Jen said...

Officially de-lurking: PeriwinkleJen.
I saw you in my stats, so I thought I'd come to visit:-)

Rachael said...

I foudn you through Mom's the Word! This is actually my first visit. I have gone back and read a lot and I just love reading about Rece, what a doll! I have an almost 16 month old son named Gavin :)

monkeygirl said...

I really like the idea of putting textured food into a baby food jar. I wish I had thought of that when transitioning my daughter to table food. I had some success starting with yogurt!

New to your site. He's a cutie.