Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Update from Mommy: Last week was a rough week for Rece and me. I think we both cried multiple times! He wouldn't eat as well and he was regressing in some areas. He was also just fussier! I was assured by many people that it was a phase and thank goodness they were right!! He must have been saving his energy last week to prepare for this week, because he has come back strong. He is now really starting to walk with help and cruise his toys and furniture...which is a big step for him. He also has gone back to eating the fruit puffs instead of throwing them! Also he has come so close to pulling himself up many times straight from his butt!! He gets to his knees and has gotten one foot under him but can't quite get that second foot! It will come very soon. And just tonight he actually made some attempt at the start of crawling. He moved his hands and his feet about one time each and not together! His new comfort is to put his hand in my mouth (not very tasty after spinach) whenever I am holding him. He is getting so big and really starting to talk in baby jargon. It is really funny, he mostly "talks" to his toys. I am so excited about the upcoming holidays and seeing his reaction to everything especially the christmas tree~yikes, pray that he doesn't decide to walk or crawl that day! Another quirky thing that he does is that he shakes everything he holds and then switches hands and does it with the other doesn't matter if it is a hat, leaves, a rattle or paper...he shakes EVERYTHING! We are trying a new nap and bedtime routine in hopes that he sleeps just a little longer...right now he is getting about 1 hour on average less than the lowest end of the average scale of sleep for his age(naps and night combined-14 hours) and he always wakes up cranky from his 40 min. second nap~yay fun for mommy! So, we are working on it...the last two nights he did not make one fuss when we put him in his crib!!! BIG IMPROVEMENT! If that can be done than I am almost sure that slightly better naps can be!
Just some cute pictures of Rece!-and one of Shrek too ; ) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys. This week will be better. Is the basement ready for Grandpa to come over and get started?
Grandma & Grandpa

Averie Jean said...

Hi Rece! Glad things are getting better! I am going through a fussy phase now too...I don't like going down for my naps! :o( Hopefully soon I'll get better! I hope I get to see you soon!