Monday, October 31, 2005

Posted by Picasa Posted by Picasa Posted by PicasaI was all ready for halloween today! Thanks for the shirt Averie! I went over to Chasity's mom's house to pass out candy tonight and got to see all kinds of scary and funny costumes!! Next year I will be running around getting candy, but mom and dad said I couldn't have any this year!
Also some very exciting news! I started signing back to my mom on Sunday! I told her that I wanted the light on when we were laying in bed. She did it for me but she wasn't sure that that was what I actually wanted. But then today at lunch I was showing her where the light was! So now we are adding music to our list of signs today!


Averie Jean said...

Glad you like your shirt, Rece! I made it just for you! <3 Averie

Averie Jean said...