Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Picture 1: I got to play with my cousin Kayden on Sunday, who is a week younger than me. I wanted every toy that he picked up, never mind the pile of toys laying around us!!
Picture 2: A little bit closer to crawling!! Except mommy propped me up like that, but it was the first time I ever stayed long enough for a picture. Then instead of moving anywhere I pushed up onto my toes. I looked like a little teepee, mommy couldn't get the camera fast enough!
Picture 3: Mommy wanted to see if I would take this bucket off of my head, cause I never take hats off. I didn't, I just continued to play with my toys like that!


Averie Jean said...

Rece~Congratulations on sleeping good!! It makes our mommy's lives a little easier! See you soon!

Aunt Annie said...

Wow rece, you are such a big boy now! you will be motoring around any day will be easier without that bucket on your head though!!!!! :)

Averie Jean said...

Happy 9 months, Rece!!!